About Us


CENTRAL BAZAR welcomes you to the new grocery experience.

CENTRAL BAZAR is a Delhi based company specializes in selling all Grocery products at a very competitive price. We are establishing to meet the daily needs of our valuable customers by our broad range of FMCG products businesses supporting a wide spectrum of markets - across Delhi and NCR.

The Company is becoming the "not in my store" solution. If you can’t find it, be sure to check with us.

Hence, it's easy to see why Central Bazar is the perfect solution for buying groceries online. We know shoppers want a better grocery experience, but many of them aren’t getting that now. They complain of long lines, crowded aisles and parking lots, and unhelpful staff. Shoppers simply want their future shopping trips to be more convenient and customer-service oriented.

Our staff of very nice people wants you to love shopping with us. If you have a suggestion of things we should do differently, a question or a compliment, contact us via email - we do want to know what

you think.